Kerr Mackie Primary School

Earth and Space



How big is space?

To start our topic on Earth and Space, students were asked to draw out planet and solar system on a piece of black card that represented the whole of space. But how big is space?

Students produced some wonderful artistic representations of our solar system but the scale wasn’t quite right.


Watch this video to find out just how tiny Earth is in the grand scheme of space!




Students built confidence in the subject by applying scientific skills to research and create fact files about our solar system.

Did you know? Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system despite not being the closest to the sun.

Students applied their learning to create sundials and observe the rotation of the Earth on its axis.



In English lessons, students focused on creative writing and figurative language to write narrative poems about a trip into space. Check out the small selection of poems in the photo gallery.

As their knowledge of space, planets, atmospheres and physics increased, students were tasked with creating their own solar system and bringing it to life through art. Using mixed mediums, students created epic space scenes, influenced by the works of artist Ron Miller.