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Kerr Mackie Primary School

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School Dinners

The school has a kitchen on site which prepares excellent meals. You can request for your child to have a school meal at the office. Please note that the office would need 2 weeks notice if you wish to switch your child from a dinner preference. All payments must be made on ParentMail as we are now a cashless oiffce. If you would like help on how to pay, please ask a member of the office team who will be happy to assist you.

The charges for school meals are: £2.40 for Years 3-6.  Children in Reception – Year 2 are provided with a free school meal.


There is an option for children to have milk every day. You can sign your child up to receive school milk by visiting the Fresh Pastures website , to register your child and make your payment


Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack for morning playtime (fruit and sliced vegetables). Please be aware that all children in Early Years and Year 1 and 2 are provided with fresh fruit every day. As all Leeds schools are nut free we are not allowed to let children eat nuts and this includes all cereal bars. Unfortunately, children who bring crisps, biscuits and chocolate will have it taken off them and returned at the end of the school day.

Lunch Time

There is a lunchtime supervisor and a number of supervisory assistants to look after the children at lunch times both inside the dining room and outside on the playgrounds.

The children in the Reception classes begin their lunch break at 11.45am. For the rest of the school the morning session does not end until 12.00pm which means that the younger children have the dining room to themselves for fifteen minutes before the older boys and girls come in for their lunch.

View our food policy


Our school menus rotate on a three-weekly cycle. Click below to see our current menus:

Sept 2020 Menus

Sept 2019-Feb 2020 Menus

After February half-term the menus will change. Click below for more information

Feb 2020 – July 2020 Menus

 This Year’s Food Ambassadors are


Rayhaan Vaya
Rio Burt Lucy
Alexander Kurtis
Rayya Alex
Euan Gracie
What our Food Ambassadors have previously done
  •  Supported school staff in implementing the school dinnertime rules and the guidelines for hot dinners and packed lunches
  • Helped monitor the noise and mess and made sure that the environment is always calm and friendly
  • They improved choices for hot dinners keeping the dietary requirements of individuals in consideration
  • They chose the design of new plates, suggested having jugs with lids and decided putting more bins in the hall would be useful
  • Made posters and gathered information on the new display boards to advertise and promote healthy eating
  • They also have a rota in which they assist children in the hall, by encouraging healthy meals and plenty of fluids.