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The intent of our French curriculum here at Kerr Mackie is to foster a love of language learning and curiosity about the world in our children. We are proud of all the different cultures and languages present in our school community and learning a language together helps us to better understand ourselves, others and the world around us.

Pupils begin their language journey at Kerr Mackie in Year 3 acquiring the four key foundation language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing that are continuously built upon as children progress through school.  Our children enjoy learning through a variety of engaging lessons throughout the curriculum such as French PE lesson, Famous French people and being a weather forecaster. Children are supported to develop correct pronunciation with a focus on increasing their confidence to express themselves in another language.


We have adopted a scheme of work that is adaptable for learners of all abilities. French is taught by one member of staff that allows for a consistent approach throughout school. The French Skills Progression document provides a detailed breakdown of skills for lower and upper KS2 ensuring that skills are embedded and developed as children progress through school. Learning can be found in individual French books and class big books and from September 2021 these books will move up through school with pupils to document progression.

A typical French lesson will involve the introduction of new vocabulary and grammar rules. Each topic usually covers half a term and allows children to gradually embed knowledge.  Repetition through songs, games and role play help children improve their recall skills. Our children are encouraged to use their skills outside of the classroom too and they enjoy greeting adults in French and having conversations wherever possible!


Differentiated activities are used to support learners. Children can also record their written learning through labelling pictures, writing captions and sentences.


 Short term and long term planning provide learning goals that match our Skills Progression which in turn follows those skills required under the National Curriculum. This allows our children to be ready for language learning after primary school in KS3.

Progress is tracked by assessment in class.