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Curriculum Intent


To create a broad and ambitious curriculum, which provides opportunities for all pupils to develop clearly identified key knowledge, contextualised vocabulary and skills in all National Curriculum subjects, which ensures they are ready for the next stage of their education. We intend to put children’s personal development at the forefront, whilst building knowledge cumulatively throughout the child’s educational journey. The curriculum will clearly define the knowledge children will be expected to acquire at specific points during their education at Kerr Mackie, the sequence of learning in each subject and the links in each subject and between subjects over time. The curriculum is based soundly upon the school's values of: community, challenge, confidence, curiosity and care.



Teachers define key knowledge, vocabulary and skills and establish the best learning environment and activity to deliver this. Teachers are mindful of the knowledge that children need to acquire and retain in order to build on previous learning through a well-planned sequence of lessons. Each sequence of lessons is geared towards a clearly defined end point which is that the children are ready for the next stage of their learning. Teachers are clear about prior learning and revisit this with low stakes testing and by combining with a cumulative approach of introducing new knowledge.  Teachers are constantly assessing whether or not the new knowledge has been retained before moving on in the sequence of planned lessons.



This will focus on how well our intent has been realised. We will use a variety of monitoring and assessment methods to find out whether children know what they are meant to know at specific points during their education at Kerr Mackie. The class teachers, subject leaders and the leadership team will assess whether or not the children have been taught the key knowledge and whether or not they have retained this in order to ascertain that learning has taken place. This must be in place in order for new knowledge to be introduced and remembered.


Further Information

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please contact Mr Swanston or Mrs Lambert on 0113 336 8499.