Kerr Mackie Primary School




In Autumn 2, year 4 looked at Viking artefacts so that we could become archaeologists to find out all about this time.  We also looked at longboats, what their purpose was and why these were crucial to the Vikings to travel, explore and trade. 



We then went on to focus on our design and technology skills of how to cut a range of a materials and sticking these together. This included use of a saw and a glue gun. The children did a fantastic job of this creating a join using right angled triangles to ensure it was a strong join. 



Once we had about the Vikings and our key D and T skills, we were then confident to use these to create a toy Viking longboat to a specific criteria. This included looking realistic, to fit 6 toy Vikings in and to be able to float on water. We worked in groups and produced some fantastic longboats that we tested against the criteria.