Kerr Mackie Primary School

The Stone Age to the Iron Age

In Year 3 we are beginning the year with our history topics.  During the Autumn term, we are examining the changes which occurred in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

We started by going into the Forest School Area to explore how Stone Age hunter- gatherers would build temporary shelters.  When the animals they hunted moved on, the Stone Age people would simply take their shelters down and carry them on to the next site.

We also used NowPressPlay to take on the role of a child within a hunter-gatherer community.  We imagined what it would be like to prepare for then to go on a hunt for mammoths.

Eventually, people began to farm and build houses.  A famous example of this is Skara Brae in Scotland.  We could see where a family had built a fire, had their beds and stored food and jewellery.


Stone Age people did not have writing or paper.  Instead they would paint pictures on the walls of caves.  These mostly show hunting scenes, although they sometimes show other scenes from daily life.  We created our own cave paintings, recording a day in the life of a Stone Age person.  You can see some of our work in the slideshow here.

We used a watercolour wash to make it look as though we were drawing on stone.  Then, we used charcoal to show the main events in the Stone Age person's day.