Kerr Mackie Primary School

Great Explorers!

Our first History topic in Year 2 was Famous Explorers. We learnt about two specific individuals involved in great explorations throughout History; Matthew Henson and Christopher Columbus.

Our key learning questions:


  • Who was Christopher Columbus?
  • Who was Matthew Henson? Why was he so important in History exploration?
  • How were Christopher Columbus and Matthew Henson similar? How were they different?


For our first week of learning, we tested our navigation skills outside in the playground. We used our directional language to help each other find our desired location.

“It was difficult navigating around the playground. It must have been really difficult to navigate in the Arctic!” – HA


At the end of our topic, Year 2 enacted Matthew Henson’s life. They imagined the day in the life of Matthew Henson and they used this to create a diary about the day he found the North Pole.