Kerr Mackie Primary School

Animals, including humans.

Year 2's first science topic was animals, including humans. 


By the end of the first lesson we were able to sort animals and their offspring, by looking at their characteristics. We noticed that some offspring looked nothing like their parents. However, DJ noticed that they had similar features, “The baby fish looks like a tadpole, but it has a smooth body to help it swim and so does the big fish.”

We identified the different life processes and used this when discussing if different things were living, dead or never alive. AW argued, “The ‘frequency word sheet’ is paper! It used to be a tree – trees are definitely living.” With this point, the group moved it from never alive to dead.

Confidence and Challenge

We explored a variety of microhabitats and examined the creatures that lived there.

We looked at food chains within different environments. We identified different producers, consumers and predators and created our own food chains.

We discussed what conditions all living things need to survive and this highlighted why they were suited to their habitats.

“Insects are sometimes green so they can camouflage themselves from animals that eat them and polar bears need to be furry because it’s really cold where they live.” – HA.