Kerr Mackie Primary School

Sensational Senses

In Autumn term, Year 1's science topic will be Animals, including humans. During our first half-term, Year 1 explored the parts of the human body and our senses, which we use to understand the world. 

Our key learning questions:


  • What are the names of our body parts? 
  • Which body part do we use for each sense?
  • What do we use our five senses for? How do they help us? 

Working Scientifically

  • Identifying, classifying and grouping


As a hook into our science learning, we took part in a taste test. Miss Sowden and Miss Brown collected a range of different foods with different tastes, including lemon, grapes, popcorn and bread. Some of the children identified and grouped foods they liked and disliked whilst other children ordered the foods from sourest to sweetest. We worked out that we use our tongue for the sense of taste!


During our topic, we also carried out a smell test where we used our nose and sense of smell to identify, describe and compare different smells. We smelt a variety of items, including flowers, tuna, sweets and vinegar. We used our Pong 'o' Meter to order the smells from the pongiest to the most pleasant smell. Everyone agreed the tuna and vinegar were the pongiest!


For our challenge task, Year 1 worked in groups to label a human body with body parts. Each group chose one child to draw around and then the children added the correct label. Some groups challenged themselves to label each of the senses with their body part. We used the body part song to practise and become confident using our key vocabulary.

We had lots of fun with this task!