Kerr Mackie Primary School

My Family!

Our history topic from Spring 1 was titled 'My Family!' We explored timelines, chronology and how elements have changed over time. 

Our key learning questions:


  • What is a timeline?
  • How is a timeline organised?
  • How have toys changed over time?
  • How has transport changed over time?
  • How has technology changed over time?


In our curiosity session, we began thinking about time, timelines and chronology. We discussed how many events have happened before we were born and that many things change over time. 


We talked about timelines, their role and how they are organised. We learnt that a timeline is a tool to sequence events and it is organised chronologically - organising events in the order that they happened. 


For our curiosity task, as a class, we made a timeline ordering the key dates given. 


For our challenge activity, Year 1 made their own timeline.


We asked children to bring in photos of themselves, parents and grandparents to order. We added three key events from our each of our confidence sessions.


Individually, we created our own timeline including all the events. We backed our photographs onto coloured paper and we attached our timeline to string. 


(Mrs Furlong has even said we can display some of our timelines in the hall!)