Kerr Mackie Primary School

THE Three Little Pigs

For the last 2 weeks of remote learning, Reception based their learning on the traditional tale ‘The 3 Little Pigs.’ 

To start off the topic there was a terrible accident! The police had to be called to 2 separate crime scenes, one in school and one at Miss Pickering’s house! Luckily, Miss Pickering had the ‘Pawlice’ sniffer dog to help her! The children studied and recorded the evidence they could find to help them work out who was behind the crime!  

We then watched a video from one of the little pigs themselves!! They told us it was a wolf who was blowing down all of the houses! The pigs had run, scared to their brother’s house who lived in a house made of bricks. 

We made wanted posters, using some fantastic descriptive language, to help warn everyone at home, or in school what the wolf looked like, and to be very careful!  

The children enjoyed dressing up as the different characters and role playing their parts in the story! The wolf even found his way into some of the home learner’s houses! We then used this to help us fill in some speech bubbles from the different parts of the story. The children at home and in school used story maps to retell the story, using some wonderful expressive voices.  

We used ‘Now Press Play’ to experience what it was like to be the pigs in the story, and even how it felt to be the Big Bag Wolf blowing the houses down!

Our final challenge was to build a new house for the 3 Little Pigs! In school, we decided it needed to be big, strong and waterproof to help protect the pigs. The children worked collaboratively to build different structures, using blocks, tarpaulins, planks, the climbing frame and many other materials. They then tested them out. We checked if they were strong by huffing and puffing to try and blow them down. Then we tested if they were big and waterproof, by Miss Pickering or Miss Thompson going inside the house, and having water thrown over it, to see if it would be waterproof! Miss Pickering was very lucky because the house she tested was waterproof, Miss Thompson was not so lucky, and ended up very wet!