Kerr Mackie Primary School

The Gruffalo

Reception received a very intriguing letter from some woodland animals. The animals told us that they were hiding from a very scary creature they had seen in the woods, and wanted our help! We drew pictures of the different animals we saw in the woods!

We searched for different clues as to what we thought the terrifying creature could be! Eventually we discovered it was a Gruffalo!

Once we learned the terrifying creature was the Gruffalo, we read the story and talked about the different events in the book. We then learnt to retell the story using our story map, and developed different actions for the characters in the story. 

We retold the story to the adults in our own words and did so well at remembering the order of the story! 

Then we used our creative skills to make our very own Gruffalo's in the workshop! We made sure to include 'prickles', 'terrible teeth' and 'Poisonous warts'. 

We learnt about the sleeping habits of different animals and how some animals are nocturnal! We explored what it was like to be a nocturnal animals by going into the 'dark den' and using torches to be able to see.