Kerr Mackie Primary School



When Reception came to school this morning, they discovered something TERRIBLE had happened! Someone had been in our classroom, terrorising the fruits and vegetables! 

We found a note from the EVIL PEA! He told us it was him who trapped the vegetables and that we would never be able to stop him. We wrote wanted posters and put them up around school to warn other people he was on the loose and that we needed to stop him! 

The Evil Pea came back and trapped the carrots in some blocks of ice! We worked as a team to explore different methods of freeing the carrots from the ice! 

"We need to put it in the oven where its hot!"

"We can smash ice with a hammer!"

"Let's put the ice on the radiator, that will melt it."

To help out Supertato and defeat the Evil Pea, we took part in our own 'Superhero training'. We completed lots of different exercises and activities to ensure that our bodies and muscles were strong and healthy.

We tried lots of different healthy foods and made up our own healthy menu to follow on our superhero diet! 

We also decided that we needed more super vegetables to help fight off the Evil Pea, so we created our own and gave them names and special powers! 

Finally, we learnt about different super powers such as magnetism, and explored this by using magnets to test different objects and materials.