Kerr Mackie Primary School

The Naughty Bus

When we arrived at Nursery this week a present was waiting for us.


It was a bus!


However, this bus was no ordinary bus, it was the naughty bus from our new story.


We read the book and paused to look closely at the pictures. They helped us to talk about what was happening in some of the scenes in the story. We used our own toys to recreate some of these scenes. As we played we were encouraged to retell parts of the story in our own words.


The next day the Naughty Bus had been on the loose! He made such a mess of our classroom but we could not find him anywhere.


We created wanted posters and stuck them up around the classroom so that everyone knew what the Naughty Bus looked like. We followed the tyre tracks he had left and decided he must have escaped outside. We made a plan to catch him. In the end after much searching and building a huge trap we found him in the mud kitchen.