Kerr Mackie Primary School

Owl Babies


We were very excited to see that a family of owls had made a nest inside our classroom while we were away for half term! They were the owls from our new story Owl Babies.


Together, we looked at the front cover illustration and discussed what we thought the story could be about. Miss Wilkinson read the story and we were encouraged to join in with the repeated refrains. We had lots of fun using the props to retell the story and discussed how the baby owls feel when their mummy is out hunting.


We headed to the Forest School Area after learning what a woodland is and about some of the animals that live there. We were on the look out for squirrels, rabbits, badgers and of course owls. 

This week we have continued reading the story Owl Babies. We were introduced to the word nest and learnt that birds like owls build nests high up in trees, where other animals cannot reach them or their eggs.


We made nests inside using playdough and outside using natural materials. Once our nests were ready, we thought carefully about how we could make the inside a soft and safe place to support eggs and raise young birds. Sarah, Percy and Bill were very happy with our efforts!