Kerr Mackie Primary School

Meg and Mog

Four mice, a witches hat and a wand appeared on our carpet when we got to Nursery this week. We had no idea where they had come from!


After some investigating they had jumped out of our new story Meg and Mog (A Witches Spell Party). Miss Wilkinson read the story and we had lots of fun exploring the story props.


We learnt that witches create their potions in a cauldron. In her spell, Meg uses a frog, a beetle, a worm, a bat and a spider. This spell turns the other witches into mice!


Our job was to think of our own spell – What would it do? What things would need to go inside it? What magic word do you need to say to make it work? We drew the items needed for our spells and had a go at creating them in our potion station.

We had a lovely time in the Forest School area this afternoon. We collected sticks, bracken and leaves and turned them into magic wands! Miss Wilkinson and Miss Maroof helped us to attach the leaves and bracken to the sticks because the elastic bands were a bit tricky but after they were made we spent a long time chanting magic spells and turning people into frogs, princesses, trolls and mice, just like Meg the witch did in our story.