Kerr Mackie Primary School




We launched Fairtrade with a Harvest poem that we delivered before October half-term. This gave Year 6 an insight into Fairtrade and the reason why it's so important. In our curiosity lessons, we explored real products that we buy and we looked at the Fairtrade logo that we may have seen but never really thought about. The children explored the meaning behind the logo, the image and colour in order to then create their own logo for Fairtrade products. They were able to explore which developing countries export ingredients and products that are Fairtrade. All the children enjoyed the banana supply chain lesson and were very animated when discussing how little farmers were paid! Using their mathematical skills, teams worked together to decide how much money each aspect of the supply chain should be given. 



In building confidence about Fairtrade across the globe, we used atlases to explore the coffee bean belt around the equator. The children also discovered the countries that grow cocoa beans, as well as the countries that grow cotton for Fairtrade clothing. Alongside Mr M's assemblies, the children gained confidence in understanding how Fairtrade is linked to both human and physical geography. Year 6 especially enjoyed the chocolate Fairtrade lesson. Mmmm!


Within DT lessons, we began to design our own Fairtrade chocolate bar and wrapper in the hope that we could persuade supermarkets to sell our products. The children thought about their audience, ingredients and where these would be grown in the world. The designing of the wrappers then allowed the children an opportunity to look at existing chocolate bars and be inspired. 



We ended our topic with a Fairtrade Fayre. Both classes presented their own chocolate bar that they had created a prototype for. Children acted as suppliers and selected their favourite 3 chocolate bars that they would like to sell. We were bowled over by the names, designs and new Fairtrade logos. Needless to say, Year 6 impressed us with their understanding of how Fairtrade helps make a fairer world for all.