Kerr Mackie Primary School

The United Kingdom

For Autumn 2, our geography topic has been The United Kingdom. Take a look at what we have done. 

Our key learning questions:


  • How do we use atlases? What are atlases used for?
  • Where is the UK located in relation to Europe?
  • What countries make up the United Kingdom? Where are these countries located?
In the first week of our geography topic, we used Now Press Play to show our curiosity about the U.K. We learned the different flowers and animals that represented each country; what the flags of each country looked like, and where each country was in relation to each other. 

To remember where each of the seas were located we pinned them on the map... blindfolded! 
"The rose is red like the cross on the England flag and the thistle is blue like the Scotland flag." 
"England is South of Scotland, but you have to go across the Irish Sea to get to Northern Ireland. Ireland is all on it's own,"