Kerr Mackie Primary School

Our World!

Our geography topic from Spring 2 was titled 'Our World!' We explored the seven continents and five oceans of the world. 

Our key learning questions:


  • How many continents are there in the world? How many oceans are there in the world? 
  • Which continent do we live in?
  • Which is the biggest continent? Which is the smallest continent?
  • Which is the warmest ocean? Which is the coldest ocean?


For our curiosity session, we took part in a treasure hunt during Pirate Day.

We were given an aerial view map of school. On the map there were two checkpoints; we had to find checkpoint 1 before finding checkpoint 2.

At checkpoint 2 we found a treasure chest and inside was 10 community credits each! We were so proud of ourselves.


In our confidence sessions, we were introduced to the seven continents and the five oceans. We loved listening to The Continents Song and The Five Oceans Song. 

We learnt that a continent is a large area of land and an ocean is a huge body of water that surrounds land.

We used the world map to identify the continents of important countries to our classes.

“England is our country and Europe is our continent.”

“Afghanistan is where HT was born. The continent is Asia.”

“Iran is where RZ was born. The continent is Asia.”

“China is where AL comes from. The continent is Asia.”


For our challenge, we have created a poster which identifies each continent and ocean in the world.

We also added key facts we learnt throughout our topic.

Take a look! You can find these on our Year 1 corridor display board. We really enjoyed making these.