Kerr Mackie Primary School

Everyday Materials

In spring term, our science topic is everyday materials. We have identified different materials and explored their properties. 

Our key learning questions:


  • What is an object? What is a material?
  • What does natural material mean? What does manmade material mean? 
  • What properties does this material have?

Working Scientifically

  • Identifying, classifying and grouping
  • Comparative and fair testing


In our curiosity session, we learnt that Little Red Riding Hood had a problem. We found out that she needed a new basket that would be strong enough to transport food to grandma's house. She asked us to investigate which material would make the best basket. 


First, we each made a prediction based on the materials we had to test. To prepare our investigation, in small groups, we made a basket using one material. Then, Miss Sowden and Miss Smith put a few food items in each basket and we explored which material would make the best basket. Oak Class were so excited when Miss Sowden tested our baskets to see if they were waterproof - as Miss Sowden said, Little Red Riding Hood might get caught in the rain or even a storm! 


Next up, Humpty Dumpty came to Year 1 with a problem. He said he was always falling off walls and he needed a protective coat. We asked us to find the best material to make his coat so that he did not crack anymore! 


For this experiment, we carried out a fair test. We learnt that this means only one thing changes in our experiment, which in this case was the material. We knew that the person dropping the egg and the person holding the measuring stick needs to stay the same. Again, in small groups, we tested which material would stop Humpty's egg from cracking. 


Spring 2

In Spring 2, we investigated what absorbent means and found which materials were waterproof. This involved lots of water - it was very messy indeed!

As our topic this half term was Pirates, we made telescopes on Science Day. We focused on the meaning of opaque and transparent and investigated which material was the most suitable for the lens. 


For our challenge, we evaluated our pirate telescopes. We stated which material we chose to use for the lens and we explained why we chose it. It was a huge opportunity to showcase all the fantastic new science vocabulary we have learnt over this term.