Kerr Mackie Primary School


Handwriting & Presentation

All children are expected to write in a joined, legible style, at speed, by the time they leave Year 6. This includes using the correct pencil grip, sitting correctly, accurate letter formation and producing work in a consistent size on the lines. Pupils and staff at Kerr Mackie use a cursive handwriting style, staff consistently model the correct handwriting style throughout school. 

Progression in handwriting

  • Nursery focuses on mark making. 
  • Reception focuses on pencil grip and initial letter formation. All letters are taught in print and children are expected to print letters correctly by the end of the year in a consistent size.
  • Year 1 focuses on perfecting letter formation and introduce entry and exit flicks. All letters are taught with entry and exit flicks, ensuring letters are still all in a consistent size and sitting on the line. 
  • Year 2 focuses on joining letters. Building on the entry and exit flicks children are taught to join all letters, continuing to ensure letters are in a consistent size and sitting on the line. 
  • Year 3 and 4 continue to be taught to join. 
  • Year 5 and 6 refine their handwriting, by developing legibility, speed and stamina. Pupils whose handwriting is under-developed will be sent additional homework to help them catch-up.