Kerr Mackie Primary School

Now Press Play at Kerr Mackie

Now Press Play is an immersive audio resource, which engages primary school pupils in the national curriculum through sound, story and movement. 


Teachers at Kerr Mackie use Now Press Play to:

  1. Make learning fun and exciting.
  2. Stimulate children’s imaginations and to bring lessons to life.
  3. Maximise outdoor space – NPP can be used anywhere in school grounds.


Miss Sowden has created a new timetable for this academic year so that pupils and teachers can use Now Press Play on a regular basis. Teachers and pupils work together to ensure Now Press Play remains intact by identifying and informing Miss Sowden of any equipment issues.  Miss Sowden is in contact with the Now Press Play team regularly so that all experiences and features are up-to-date. 

To support experiences, pupils and staff have a bank of stimuli and resources to support long term plans. These resources can be adapted to suit learning needs and the learning intentions for that particular lesson. 


  • Now Press Play supports outstanding engagement in children of all abilities.
  • Now Press Play will raise attainment by making learning meaningful and memorable.
  • Now Press Play will help children develop emotional responses and discussion skills.
  • Now Press Play will extend children’s life experiences and enrich their vocabulary.


Here are some quotes about Now Press Play from our children:

"I like listening to the story and doing the moves." A Year 1 child

"The sound is really good - it is so realistic." A Year 5 child

"It is very calm. I like it because it brings up my energy and makes me feel good." A Year 3 child