Kerr Mackie Primary School


In Year 1 we concentrate on the representation and use of landscape in art.  After initially focusing on the landscape drawings and paintings of Vincent van Gogh and Georgia O'Keefe, we end the year by looking at how Andy Goldsworthy uses natural materials and elements of the landscape to create his stunning artworks.

Year 2 begin by focusing on the use of patterns and optical illusions in Op-Art.  The artist we focus on here is Bridget Riley.  Later in the year we study the printing techniques used by Henri Matisse and the collages of Michael Keck.

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In Year 3, the art we study is closely linked to our History topics.  We start the year by creating our own Stone Age cave drawings and end it by looking at the art of, and inspired by, Pompeii in Italy.  In between, we look at the still life artwork of Michael Craig-Martin, concentrating on the basic shapes and proportions of objects, and developing shading skills, such as cross-hatching.

Year 4 begin the year by drawing portraits, inspired by Edgar Degas, using different types of pencil and pastels.  Next, we move on the imitate the repeated patterns used by William Morris.  We end the year by creating mosaic collages in the style of Emma Briggs.

Linking to our work on the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, Year 5's first art topic focuses on Greek Architecture, and the use of perspective.  The first artist we focus on is Paul Signac and his use of the technique of pointilism to create landscapes.  We end the year by creating our own collages using torn paper and inspired by Derek Gores.

Year 6 concentrate on more abstract forms of art, starting by comparing abstract landscapes with realistic landscapes.  Next, we look at the printing techniques used by the textile artist, Clare Burchell.  We end the year by creating a 3D sculpture based around the tree paintings of Gustav Klimt.